The Caddy

Price from $35,000 +ORC

Lots of space to relax

Inside the Caddy, you can expect to enjoy up to five exceptionally comfortable seats, a modern cockpit with premium workmanship, and plenty of space for any of the surprises that daily life may bring.

Hop in, hop out. Load, unload

The doors of a commercial vehicle are opened and closed repeatedly over the course of a working day – and heavily strained in the process. This is why the Caddy is built with hinges, rails and handles that are equal to the most demanding conditions.

Well organised

The Caddy offers you the support you need, with a storage system made up of several storage compartments of varying sizes.

Load compartment and payload

For efficient use of load space, choose between 3.2 m3 cubic capacity in the Caddy or 4.2 m3 in the Caddy Maxi so you’re not stuck driving a half-empty larger van.

Fits in perfectly with your life

Your Caddy is flexible enough to meet your needs with ease. This is down to elements like an interior with folding, double-folding and removable seats. They help to ensure you have enough space for the whole family, your next big shop, small pieces of furniture deliveries or adventures.

Thinks with you and acts early

Whether you’re dealing with tight parking spaces or unexpected situations on the road: The Caddy’s state-of-the-art driver assistance systems provide support in almost any critical situation.

Always entertained while on the road

It’s probably not unusual for you to spend half the day in your car. But when you’ve got your favourite song playing on the stereo and the quickest route on your dash panel, everything seems so much easier.

The all-new Caddy 5

Whether loading cargo, squeezing into tight spaces or taking on longer trips, you’ll fall in love with the new Caddy’s ergonomic seats, generous space, and agile handling. Register your interest to stay up to date.

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Tailgate solutions

Tailgate with window

The smooth functioning tailgate with window can be opened with one hand. When open, it offers protection from rain and sunshine during loading and unloading. A third brake light is integrated above the tailgate.

Rear wing doors with window

The optional rear wing doors with windows are divided in a ratio of 2⁄3 to 1⁄3 and have a maximum opening angle of 180°. They can be separately fixed in an open position to allow for the transport of perishable goods, if necessary.

Tinted tail light cluster

Add a distinctive flair and lend the rear section a bold character. Only available in conjunction with bi-xenon headlights.

Bi-xenon headlights

Used for both the dipped and main beams, they illuminate the road much better than conventional halogen headlights. They also stand out due to their low energy consumption. Only available in conjunction with tinted tail light clusters.

Operating equipment

Your power pack while you’re out and about

We’re sure you know the feeling: You’re out with the family or a team of colleagues and suddenly everyone has to charge their smartphone – and at the same time, of course. Luckily, the Caddy has up to four sockets and one optional USB port for just this eventuality.

Semi-automatic air conditioning

The optional semi-automatic air conditioning has an infinite adjustment, so that a pleasant interior temperature can be ensured at all times. Thanks to large ergonomic buttons and knobs, the temperature in degrees, air distribution and fan speed can be easily regulated while driving.

Sound on, ears pricked 

On long journeys for work, en route to holiday, or a trip to run errands, you need some good entertainment. Our radio systems always offer the right selection. And top-quality sound, too.

Everything perfectly within your grasp

Change the radio station – while keeping both hands firmly on the multifunction steering wheel. That’s because the radio or navigation system, a mobile phone or the cruise control can be controlled conveniently using its buttons.

The Caddy Mobility

Specially engineered to meet the needs of wheelchair passengers, the new Caddy Mobility has been designed to ensure maximum usability and comfort for all users. Offering extraordinarily large rear access, the Caddy Mobility can accommodate most wheelchair sizes in the rear compartment.

Allowing wheelchair passengers the option of remaining in their chair while travelling within which demonstrates why the Caddy is one of the most popular mobility vehicles in the world.


Runner - Short WheelbaseShort WheelbaseMaxi - Long WheelbaseCrewvan - Long WheelbaseCrewvan - Long Wheelbase
Caddy SWB Runner TSICaddy SWB Van TSICaddy Maxi Van TSICaddy Crewvan TSICaddy Maxi Life Mobility
MRPFrom $35,000 +ORCFrom $41,000 +ORCFrom $45,000 +ORCFrom $46,500 +ORCFrom $65,000 +ORC
Power62 kW92 kW92 kW92 kW92 kW
Torque160 Nm220 Nm220 Nm220 Nm220 Nm
Combined Fuel Consumption5.5L/100km 5.8L/100km 5.9L/100km 6L/100km 5.8L/100km
Transmission5-speed manual 7-speed DSG 7-speed DSG 7-speed DSG 7-speed DSG
Weight2034 kg Gross Vehicle Mass2068 kg Gross Vehicle Mass2227 kg Gross Vehicle Mass2260 kg Gross Vehicle Mass2280 kg Gross Vehicle Mass
Wheels15-inch steel wheels16-inch steel wheels16-inch steel wheels16-inch steel wheels16-inch alloy wheels
AssistHill start assistStart-stop with regenerative brakingHill start assistHill start assistAluminium wheelchair ramp with anti-slip surface, gas spring supported
Spec SheetSpec sheet ›Spec sheet ›Spec sheet ›Spec sheet ›Spec sheet ›

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