Fleet services

The ideal choice for Waikato businesses

We’re different.

At Ebbett Volkswagen Pukekohe we won’t try and sell you cars; we’ll try and add value to your business. Sceptical? Don’t be, we find that if we add value to your business by presenting the right product at the right time, you’ll come back time and time again.

How we do fleet business at Ebbett Volkswagen Pukekohe.

First, we come and see you.
We’ll want to understand as much as we can about your business – how many cars/commercials you are running, what sort of mileage you are doing over what time period, whether you prefer to lease or own, how you use your vehicles, what you carry or don’t, whether they spend their time on the road or off it, whether brand is important to you and your customers and much, much, more.

We find the best fit for you.
Once we understand your business really well, we’ll start to consider whether Volkswagen is a good fit. If not we’ll stop there. If yes, we’ll work with you to match Volkswagen product to each job your vehicles are used for. Sometimes our clients are surprised by how their fleet “changes” as a result of this consultation process – often saving money.

We create a tailored plan for your business.
Lastly, we’ll put together a total cost of ownership study for you. This will find out what it will cost to own or lease your fleet, accounting for purchase price, fuel usage, servicing cost, resale cost and all other running costs, benchmarking against other product on the market. Time and time again we find this process is an eye-opener for our clients.

What makes Volkswagen the ideal value choice for your business?

We apply the same principles of obsessive engineering details, whether it be shaving nanometers from a component to find a perfect fit, or shaving thousand’s off a unit cost of a part. This attention to detail gives us a unique balance.

We don’t want to build the world’s best cars that no one can afford to drive, and we don’t want to build cheap cars that are no good. Building cars that are brilliant is one thing, engineering prices to be less than lesser cars is quite another. It’s what we at Volkswagen call brilliant value.

What puts the ‘brilliant’ in brilliant value for a fleet manager?

Fuel efficiency.
Fuel efficiency is a critical factor for many fleet managers. Fuel efficiency is not only important from an ongoing running costs perspective, but as more and more businesses strive to be gentle on the environment, running a “green fleet” is important from a public relations perspective. Volkswagen has one of the most fuel-efficient, eco-friendly line-ups on the planet including our class-leading clean diesel TDI models.

Quality production.
From the reassuring thud when you shut the door to the subtle whoosh of the wipers in a storm. Sometimes it’s just a single sound that defines a Volkswagen experience. When you dig under the skin of a Volkswagen you’ll find it’s the little differences in how we put our cars together that give them a quality finish which is a step up from the competition. Things like the laser welded body. Instead of your car being put together with spot welding – like buttons on a shirt – all Volkswagens joins are zipped together using laser welding giving each seam extra strength.

Request a fleet review.

Thinking of upgrading your fleet? Why not request a fleet review with us and we’ll talk through some options with you.