The Multivan Plug-In Hybrid

Price from $92,000* +ORC



Electric Range


Combined Fuel Efficiency 


Getting in and out

The new Multivan is available with two power sliding doors as standard.

The Multivan Energetic comes with the Easy Open feature which has a Virtual Pedal. This allows the doors to be operated via a kicking motion for ease of entry without taking the key out your pocket The keyless entry start system means your keys can stay conveniently in your pocket.

Sit back and relax

Your new Multivan is not only extremely comfortable – but it’s also very safe. In addition to the new IQ. LIGHT  LED matrix headlights, the driver assist systems enhance safety, comfort, and convenience. Standard is the Front Assist Area Monitoring  System, which includes City Emergency Braking, Cruise Control and the Lane Assist system.

Sky views

Enjoy sky views and an interior bathed in light with the optional two‑part panoramic sunroof. With Low E laminated safety glass to reduce incoming thermal radiation by 44 percent.

Life on-the-go

The innovative multifunction table can be moved between any of the seating rows, and for the first time can be used as a centre console between the front seats. Height adjustable, featuring three cup holders and a deep storage compartment, the multi-function table is perfect for working on-the-go or keeping the kids occupied during longer journeys.

Eye catching exterior

A solid tone or classic two-tone finish is complemented in the new  Multivan by a chrome band that runs centrally from the headlights to the rear.  Choose your new Multivan according to your personal taste.

Surround lighting in the door area – as  standard on Energetic, projects the  Multivan silhouette onto the floor as you open the front door.

Comfort meets convenience

Comfort meets convenience in the new Multivan with numerous storage compartments for your essential items – whether in the cab, on the doors, under the seats, or on the multifunction table.In addition the Multivan Energetic comes with a 30-colour ambient lighting  system - your  vehicle, your lighting design.


Your Digital Cockpit inlcudes a 10.25” screen which allows you to customise your view to your personal taste.

Plus, Discover Media with navigation comes as standard with wireless app-connect to enable seamless connectivity when you’re on the go.

IQ. Light

The new IQ. Light LED matrix headlights aren’t just for looks – they’re also very intelligent. The IQ. Light detects oncoming traffic and can selectively switch off individual light beams so as not to dazzle oncoming vehicles.

Transforming old into new

All modern vehicles contain plastics. Most of these are recycled. In the new Multivan, the recycled materials are reused in the aerodynamic underbody trims, wheel housing liners and for noise insulation. Recycled plastics can also be found in other components, such as the floor covering. This has less impact on the environment, as fewer new raw materials are needed.

Keep your Passengers safe

Forward Collison Warning (Front Assist)

Front Assist (Autonomous Emergency braking assistant with Pedestrian & Cyclist Monitoring) can help reduce the severity of an accident or, ideally avoid the accident in the event of a collision threat. It can detect pedestrians and vehicles on the road and warn the driver in time. If the driver does not react the system can initiate emergency braking.*

* Within the limits of the system. The driver must be in control of the car at all times and is not relieved of their responsibility to drive the car carefully.

Lane Assist (Lane Keep)

Lane Assist counter-steers the vehicle if the driver unintentionally drifts from a lane. The system also emits audible and visual warnings via the multi-function display to alert the driver of danger.

Side Assist (Blind Spot Monitor & Rear Cross Traffic Alert)

Side Assist (Blind Spot Monitor) uses a light signal to warn you if there’s a vehicle you might not be able to see. Helping to keep you and your family safe on the road.
And for tricky parking situations, Rear Cross Traffic Alert lets you know if potential hazards are approaching from the side.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is by far one of the most useful driver assistance systems. You simply specify your maximum speed and the system helps you to adhere to it and not exceed it, within limits of the system. Also, a minimum distance is automatically maintained between you and the vehicle in front, within the limits of the system.

Multivan Family

From $92,000+ORC

Features of Multivan Family

  • Combined power 160kW
  • Combined fuel efficiency 1.0L/100km
  • Combined Co2 emission 26g/km
  • 6- Speed DSG
  • Cruise Control, Front Assist, Lane Keep Assist
  • Keyless entry
  • Digital Cockpit with 10” Discover Media Navigation
  • Multifunction table
  • 17” Dundrod Alloys

Multivan Energetic EDITION

From $106,000*+ORC
*NZ Govt. Clean Car rebate/fee may apply.

Features of Multivan Energetic EDITION

  • Additonal to Multivan Family:
  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • Power sliding doors with Easy Open function
  • Light LED Matrix headlights
  • AGR front sears – including massage function (driver)
  • 30-Colour ambient lighting
  • Adaptative Cruise Control, Park Assist, Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • 18” Toshima Alloys

New Zealand Government Clean Car rebates/ fees may apply for new vehicles sold from 1st July 2023. Values stated should be taken as guidance only and may be subject to change without notice. Figures are converted from supplied values, based on either NEDC or WLTP-4P (World Harmonised Light Vehicle) testing. Advertised figures are meant for comparison amongst vehicles only. Additional equipment and accessories (e.g. add-on parts, different tyre formats, etc.) may change the relevant vehicle parameters, such as weight, rolling resistance and aerodynamics, and, in conjunction with weather and traffic conditions and individual driving style, may affect fuel consumption, electrical power consumption, CO2 emissions and the performance figures for the vehicle. Data (2023 rebates and fees are indicative) is supplied for reference only and subject to change without notice. NZ Government Clear Car Discount begins 01/04/2022. For further details, see  Used/demonstrator vehicle pricing may be affected by rebates and fees, please contact our team for further information.

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